Top Financial Tips to keep Your Business Healthy

Finance plays a huge part in any business. Without the right financial management, a business is as good as doomed. Finance is what holds the business together as it’s what keeps the various operations functioning.

If there is proper financial assistance, a business can have a proper marketing strategy, a full-fledged sales force and a strong operations line up to keep your business to function smoothly.

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Top Financial Tips to keep Your Business Healthy

Managing finances is very important as every business owner needs to know where his money is being spent, on what, in how much quantity and what the return on investment is. Only activities with a good ROI in the future are focused upon and all loss making ventures need to be stopped.

Here are a few financial tips that will go a long way to help any business establish itself and show a healthy growth in business:

Have a Strong Legal Structure

If you’re working as a corporate entity or as a sole proprietorship, you need to have a proper financial planning about how you want the business to run, however it’s always safer to run as a legal entity as it gives you legal recognition and protection. If you’re a sole proprietor you might always face the fear of litigations and being  sued.


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Once you’re a corporate entity you’ll have your credit rating and be able to have a better tax structure and if you have multiple people funding the business, it’ll work best if its all jotted down on paper as to who owns what, who is in charge of what and whether the taxes need to be paid at an individual or corporate level.

Pay Taxes

The way your business is structured dictates how you pay taxes and how soon your earnings will start getting taxed. If you’re a corporate entity you need to start paying taxes from the time you make your first earnings and you should adhere to it to not have any legal complications or issues with the Income Tax Department as penalties are high.

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Find out Hidden Costs

It’s very important to know the expenses that are piling up both that are in front of you and those which you cannot immediately see. You need to see your legal activities and how much they cost, your capital for future expansion and also the salary you’d be paying out to your employees.

Once the numbers are in front of you, you can easily make a proper financial plan as to where the finances will come from and how you can go about arranging them! Make sure you explore all the options available at your disposal, like using a net 30 trade credit or similar solutions which can greatly reduce the financial burden.

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Know your Financial Standing

Know the market thoroughly. Know your competitors, know your strengths and also know your weakness. Do a complete SWOT analysis of your business and find out where your opportunities are and what your competitors are missing out on.

Try to get a first mover’s advantage into the market with something new to carve out a niche for yourself. Know when is the right time to float stocks if you plan to go public and ascertain yourself in the market place which will further strengthen your financial position.

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Engage with Financial Softwares

Use financial softwares to effectively track your finances and get an accurate picture about your profit, loss and income statements and better manage your balance sheet by knowing the worth of your assets against your liabilities. Go in for cloud based management softwares as well as good ERP softwares that give you an overall picture of your organisations internal working and exactly where the financial department stands. Don’t be afraid to take professional help.

If a firm or company has strong financial backing, it can easily surf the tides of economic uncertainty and manage to thrive even in times of recession. Make sure to make finance your asset as it’ll set up a good back ground for the rest of the business as well.