Why are Electric wires coated with polyvinyl chloride Class 10?

Why are Electric wires coated with polyvinyl chloride Class 10?

Explanation: Electric wires and cables are coated with substance like PVC to prevent from electric shock since PVC is insulator pad conductor of electricity). and it does not conduct electricity it is therefore on excellent material to use for electrical applications such as insulation sheathing for cables.

Why Electric wires are coated with insulating covering?

Perhaps the most important reason why electrical wires are covered in plastic is to protect people from electrical shock. Covering electrical wires in plastic guarantees that the electrons flowing through the wires will not flow through your body when the wire is touched.

Why do wires carry current?

Why ? Electric current is carried generally by copper wires. In order to insulate these, they are given a coating of PVC which acts as an insulator.

What are wires coated with?

Electrical wires are usually covered with insulating materials, such as plastic, rubber-like polymers, or varnish. Insulating and jacketing of wires and cables is nowadays done by passing them through an extruder. Formerly, materials used for insulation included treated cloth or paper and various oil-based products.

Which metal is poor conductor of heat?

Lead is a poor conductor of heat because it readily reacts with the atmosphere to form lead oxide, where we know metal oxides are poor conductors of heat and electricity as well.

Why are household electric wires covered with plastic or rubber?

Wires used in homes are usually covered with materials like plastic or rubber, because plastic and rubber are bad conductors of electricity and do not allow current to flow. This prevents us from getting a shock due to a short circuit.

Why are electric wires covered with plastic Class 8?

The electrical wires are covered with plastic coverings because the plastic is an insulator and thus it protects us from getting shocks.

What is stranded wire used for?

Stranded wire is more flexible and malleable than solid wire, and it won’t split or sever. It is often used for indoor applications such as electronic devices, circuit boards, and speaker wires.

Which is the bad conductor of electricity?

Difference between Good Conductor and Bad Conductor of Electricity

Good Conductors Bad Conductors
Example – Copper, Aluminium Example – Rubber, Wood
Can be used to make electric circuits. Can not be used to make electric circuits.

Which metal is good conductor of heat and electricity?

Silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity.

What is the plastic coating on electrical wires called?

The rubber or plastic coating on most electrical wire is called insulation.

What do you think will happen if there is no plastic or rubber that covers the wire?

Answer: Without plastic, hot and neutral wires cannot be run in the same conductor or same wire. another means would have to be developed to convey electricity safely to electrical devices. This would cause a great deal of hardship as well as consume a lot of finances to do it safely.

Which wire is best for wiring?

Here, the list of the Top 10 Best Wire And Cables Brand in India.

  • Polycab Wires.
  • Havells India Ltd.
  • Finolex Cables Ltd.
  • Sterlite Tech cables.
  • KEI Industries Ltd.
  • RR Kabel.
  • V-Guard Industries Ltd.
  • Syska Wires.