What makes a relish a relish?

What makes a relish a relish?

A relish is a cooked and pickled product made of chopped vegetables, fruits or herbs and is a food item typically used as a condiment, in particular to enhance a staple.

What exactly is chutney?

a sauce made of chopped pickled vegetables. and a chutney: A strong hot relish or condiment compounded of ripe fruits, acids, or sour herbs, and flavoured with chillies, spices, etc. So a chutney is a specific type of relish.

Whats the difference between relish and salsa?

Sometimes they contain onions, herbs and chili peppers — your typical Mexican tomato salsa. Sometimes they are made with just fruit and various seasonings. For relishes, the ingredients are usually cut finer and are cooked with a good quantity of sugar or some kind of sweetener. For example, pickle relish.

What is a substitute for chutney?

You can substitute mango chutney with apricot preserves or jam. Some peach marmalade can also do the trick. And another option is that you can try to mix some lightly cooked cranberries with a hint of lemon juice.