What does irk stand for in texting?

What does irk stand for in texting?

ûrk. Filters. The definition of irk is to annoy. An example of to irk is for a mosquito to buzz in your ear in an irritating way. An example of to irk is for someone’s personality to bother you.

What does the acronym irk stand for?


Acronym Definition
IRK Insulin Receptor Kinase
IRK Internationales Rotes Kreuz (German: International Red Cross)
IRK Islamic Religious Knowledge
IRK Implicit Runge-Kutta Method (magnetic field computation)

Is it irk or Urk?

I’ve begun noticing the spelling “urk” where standard English calls for irk. ……

Is irk a real word?

The verb irk means “annoy,” so if the incessant barking of your next door neighbor’s pug is driving you crazy, you can say that the noise irks you. Being irked is an individual thing — what drives you crazy might be something your friend doesn’t even notice.

What does ERKS mean in slang?

noun British Slang. an aircraftsman of the lowest rank in the Royal Air Force. a worthless, stupid person; jerk.

What products are banned in the US?

Find out which 15 foods are banned in the U.S., or at the very least, banned in some states.

  • Kinder Surprise Eggs.
  • Horse Meat.
  • Shark Fins.
  • Japanese Puffer Fish.
  • Haggis.
  • Ackee Fruit.
  • Beluga Caviar.
  • Sassafras Oil.

Are spleens edible?

All meat tastes like the work it did. Like a lot of offal, mass amounts of spleen disappear into sausages and pet food, but unlike say, sweetbreads or liver, spleen is rarely on the menu. ……

Is eating spleen good for health?

People with low white blood cell counts, cancer, infections, or HIV-related infections take spleen extract to boost the immune system. Spleen extract is also used for treating “autoimmune” diseases such as celiac disease, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), dermatitis herpetiformis, and rheumatoid arthritis….