Is merlot a cabernet sauvignon?

Is merlot a cabernet sauvignon?

You're correct that Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are different grapes. They are both red grapes, but they—and the wines made from them—have different personalities. One thing they have in common, though: They're both major grapes from the Bordeaux region of France.

What is the smoothest red wine to drink?

Pinot Noir can also be very smooth, especially the more expensive ones from Burgundy and California. Also try the Gamay grape, mostly used in Beaujolais, while the smoothest Borderaux are undoubtedly high in the Merlot grape, typicalof St-Emilion.

What is the difference between cabernet merlot and pinot noir?

Pinot Noir has a stronger flavor and lighter color than Merlot. … It has a deep color as compared to Pinot Noir, and is smoother and soft. It has a higher alcohol content. It is usually blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc to produce a milder and softer wine with lesser tannin.

What is a merlot wine?

Merlot is a dark blue-colored wine grape variety, that is used as both a blending grape and for varietal wines. The name Merlot is thought to be a diminutive of merle, the French name for the blackbird, probably a reference to the color of the grape.