Are frittata and quiche the same thing?

Are frittata and quiche the same thing?

Quiche usually has a crust, but it doesn't have to. Eggs get top-billing in a frittata. Frittatas have no crust and little, if any, milk or cream. Frittatas are cooked first on the stovetop, then finished in the oven or under the broiler.

What is the difference between an omelet and a frittata?

And, unlike omelets, frittata fillings are mixed in with the eggs in the pan rather than folded in the center. … While omelets are typically made to serve just one, frittatas can serve one or many, and can also be eaten hot or at room temperature. Large frittatas are cut in slices and served.

What do you call a quiche without a crust?

Quiches. A quiche is essentially a savory baked custard in a pie crust—although you can certainly make one without the crust, which would be called a "crustless quiche." … Since it is a custard, it is more delicate in consistency than a frittata.

What is the difference between a quiche and a quiche Lorraine?

A quiche is a silky and rich mixture of eggs, cream, and cheese—usually combined with meat and vegetables—baked in a pastry shell. Basically, quiche is what would happen if a custard and a savory pie had a baby. … The quiche variant you know best—the quiche Lorraine—is distinctly French.