How do I get my Metime ID?

How do I get my Metime ID?

Retrieve forgotten login details Enter your email address below and an email will be sent to you with a copy of your metime ID and a link allowing you to reset your password. Please note, depending on your internet/email service provider you may need to look for the email in your “junk email” or possible spam folders.

What is Metime?

noun. the time a person has to himself or herself, in which to do something for his or her own enjoyment.

How do you set up Metime?

Register for free now

  1. Connect directly with thousands of customers looking for cosmetic procedures.
  2. Check your matches and chat directly with clients.
  3. Include your clinic for the launching of the MeTime App in your country.
  4. Send your recommendations and book them for treatments.

What is a Metime card?

The red metime card is issued to all McDonald’s employees after 3 months of employment. It entitles you to 20% off at any McDonald’s/McCafe around Australia and does not extend overseas.

How do I log into Mcdonalds work?

To access your Workplace account:

  1. Go to or download the Workplace or Workplace Chat apps from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. On the login screen, click or tap Create account with Access Code.
  3. Enter the 16 character access code you were provided.

How much would a 16 year old get paid at mcdonalds?

Originally Answered: How much do 16-year-olds get paid at McDonald’s? Not much. They, usually, get paid minimum wage for their state. The minimum wage in my state is $8.50 an hour.

What app do McDonald’s employees use?

Archways to Careers
McDonald’s Corp (NYSE: MCD) has launched an employee-only app called Archways to Careers to help its workers take advantage of education benefits and career opportunities. McDonald’s partnered with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) to offer all employees a real-time career advising tool.

Is mcdonalds food free?

McDonald’s Restaurant employees receive free or discounted meals.

What app does McDonald’s use for scheduling?

When you want to change an already scheduled shift, you can now use the ZIPschedules app to make your request online, making it easier for other employees to take that shift.

How much can a 16 year old get paid?

Age 16-17 – £4.62 an hour. Age 18-20 – £6.56 an hour. Age 21-24 – £8.36 an hour.

How do I get 30 off Mcdonalds app?

To get the deal, you need to download the My McDonald’s app – this is free to do from the App Store or Google Play. You’ll then see the 30% off voucher in the “deals” section of the app – click this, and the money off will automatically be applied when you pay.