How do I find my Facebook friends on Spotify mobile?

How do I find my Facebook friends on Spotify mobile?

Log in to Spotify and click the “Follow” tab. This tab will automatically display six of your Facebook friends who are on Spotify. Click the Spotify search box and type the name of a friend. If that person is on Spotify and he's a Facebook contact, his name will show up in the “Users” portion of the search drop-down.

How do I follow someone on Spotify without Facebook?

If you know their username, type spotify:user:username in the search box. (Note that the username must be written in lower-case) You can simply click on a username wherever it appears.

Why can’t I see what my friends are listening to on Spotify?

You might need to "Follow" your friends again from the new "Follow" tab on the left hand side of the desktop client. Anyone you follow's activity will then be shown in your activity sidebar, including what artists you follow are listening to as well as new releases and playlists!

Can’t find profile on Spotify?

You should be able to look up profiles by entering spotify:user:[their username] into the search bar in the Spotify desktop or mobile apps. To get someone's Spotify username, you'll need to ask them to check their online profile.

Can you add friends on Spotify free?

It's easy for you. Type spotify:user:username (with your friend's username) on the search bar to find your friend. At the top it should say "Make it easier to access username's music by adding them to your people list" with a button to add them.