Can lifeguards wear bikinis?

Can lifeguards wear bikinis?

There's a simply answer to the question: the most inappropriate gear worn by lifeguards is ANYTHING that would interfere with a successful rescue! Period. Bikinis don't necessarily qualify. Yes, tops go astray but that's only a rescue problem if the lifeguard makes it one.

Why are lifeguards so attractive?

First of all, lifeguards care about your safety, sure. … Lifeguards are fun to hook up with (in the Snack Shack), they're attractive, their jobs put little stress on them so they are light-hearted and fun-loving, and they might be able to snag you some free Laffy Taffys (from the Snack Shack).

How hard is lifeguard training?

Lifeguard training is underrated in how difficult it is. Of course, you will need to gain a lifeguarding qualification –the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ). The truth is, the test you need to pass to gain your NPLQ is intensive. It requires specialist training in order to be successful.

Is National Lifeguard hard?

National Lifeguard. Lifeguarding is an exciting and rewarding job that carries great responsibility. Guards take courses and train hard for events they hope will never happen and which they work hard to prevent. NLS guards are always in training to keep their skills, knowledge and fitness sharp.

Can you fail a lifeguard course?

No instructor is able to tell a candidate they will pass or fail a lifeguard course before they have had the chance to teach them the material.

How do you pass a lifeguard test?

Very much so. Being a Lifeguard is a composit of many skills. … Lifeguarding is a pretty easy job with as much responsibility as anything in this world. It deserves a lot more respect then it gets.

What is the lifeguard test?

The Lifeguard Brick Test: … During this test, you will be required to continuously swim 300 yards, either front crawl or breast stroke. You are also required to tread water for two minutes without the use of your hands.

What do female lifeguards wear?

In hot weather, it is usually acceptable for male guards to wear just their shorts. Female guards should wear their suits with black, navy, gray, or red shorts. Waterproof flip flops or sneakers should be worn at all times. You should always have a whistle on a lanyard with you while on duty.

Is swimming 300 yards hard?

Swimming 300 yards is a daunting task for many, and it will be less taxing and more physically beneficial if you choose the proper stoke. … Freestyle can pose challenges, but with practice, you'll be able to easily swim a smooth and effortless 300 yards.

How do you prepare for a lifeguard test?

The NPLQ covers all elements of Pool Rescue Techniques, Lifeguarding Theory, First Aid and CPR. The course is physically demanding and will include swimming to set times, lifting casualties and diving to the deepest part of the swimming pool.

Can you be a lifeguard at 13?

A Junior Lifeguard is a 13-14 year old volunteer who likes to work with children, peers and be around water. As a Junior Lifeguard your biggest job is going to be helping with swim lessons by being an aide to the instructors. … Junior Lifeguards may also be needed during open/recreation swim.

What do you wear to lifeguard training?

A swimsuit (women: modest one piece is recommended, men: trunks or jammers), a towel, goggles are recommended, pen or pencil, notebook for notes, water bottle, and a lunch/snacks. All participants will receive a loan book and pocket mask the first day of the course.

Is a lifeguard a good career?

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, seasonal or year-round, waterpark or beach, lifeguarding is a great job. The training is great. The tan can be both a benefit and a curse. … With all of these benefits, lifeguarding is a great profession to be a part of, especially being given the chance to build lifelong relationships.

How do I make my lifeguard go faster?

Counting, simple math will make time pass a little faster. Count people in the pool even on the deck and subtract people that leave and add how many come in. Then if you want to go a little farther try dividing that number by how many lifeguards you have.

How many laps is 300 meters swimming?

What does swimming 300 yards, six laps in the YWCA pool, without stopping feel like?

What do lifeguards wear on their feet?

Flip-flop sandals are a prudent choice among lifeguards for practicality and ease of removal. Water socks offer additional slip-resistance and provide added toe protection from debris and litter, a bonus if your lifeguard job is outdoors. Avoid tennis shoes, which may be functional but offer no waterproofing.

Do lifeguards have to wear one pieces?

In the beginning lifeguard agencies required the females to wear one piece lifeguard swimsuits, but now most female guards are allowed a choice between a one-piece lifeguard swimsuits like the X-Back Elite, or two-piece lifeguard swimsuits like the rescue bikini.

What to know about being a lifeguard?

The basic job of a lifeguard is to prevent drowning and other injuries. You will do this by keeping close watch of everyone in the area, enforcing rules, responding quickly to situations, administering first aid, working as a team, testing the water, and maintaining the facility.

What is the Red Cross lifeguard test?

The American Red Cross lifeguard test offers a detailed examination of your knowledge and comprehension of both our written lifeguarding requirements and protocol as well as valuable hands-on skills and experience.