Which is longer forever or always?

Which is longer forever or always?

4 Answers. In some contexts they mean the same, but differ syntactically… In other contexts there's a difference in that always usually means continuously, at all [relevant] times, whereas forever usually means for an infinite amount of time into the future.

What is the meaning of love always?

Undying love in a relationship means that the person you love always has safety and security in the relationship. It means that you stay with them, either physically or emotionally, regardless of where they go, what they do, or how they behave. … It's love that continues as long as you live.

What does I Love You Always Mean?

'As' is used to make a comparison. It shows similarity. “I love you as always” means I love you like I always did and nothing has changed. … “I love you always” means I love you and will continue to do forever. Here, the way he loves can change, but the fact that he loves would never change.

What is forever in Verilog?

The keyword forever in Verilog creates a block of code that will run continuously. It is similar to other loops in Verilog such as for loops and while loops. The main difference between these and the forever loop is that the forever loop will never stop running, whereas for and while have a limit.