What does coif stand for?

What does coif stand for?

Quaff and coif are two words that are pronounced in the same way but are spelled differently and have different meanings. … Related words are quaffs, quaffed, quaffing. The word quaff is derived from the German word quassen, which means to overindulge in something consumable. Coif means to style the hair.

What does well coiffed mean?

From the French verb coiffer, which means to do (someone's) hair, the English word coiffure generally refers to a hairstyle or previously, a headdress. To be well-coiffed is therefore to imply a well-done, well-arranged, stylish hairdo.

What is a coiffure card?

A coiffure is a hairstyle, an arrangement of hair on a person's head. Coiffure usually refers to an elaborate styling of the hair. Coiffure may also function as a transitive verb, related words are coiffures, coiffured, coiffuring. The adjective form is coiffured.

What is a coif in medieval times?

Coif. Worn by women, men, and children throughout the Middle Ages (c. 500–c. 1500), the coif was a simple fabric cap that covered all or most of the hair and tied under the chin.